St. Augustine

Got up with the sun and Cali walked me down to the beach to watch a beautiful sunrise. We have been keeping ourselves busy since PJ flew back to Rhode Island to have a visit with her mom. There were some small waves out front, so I pulled out the Walden surfboard and paddled out to catch a few waves in the early morning sun. We had a few unseasonably chilly days last week when a cold front rolled across the U.S. but yesterday it was done and the sun is back to shining. I surfed in just a wetsuit top and it was pretty comfortable.

I’ve been working on a couple of country tunes since we’ve been spending so much time hanging in the south, so I sat out under the awning and strummed the guitar for a while before succumbing to my ennui and taking a little nap. Afterwards, Cali and I straightened up a little bit then went for another foray out to the beach. She didn’t want to stay too long so I brought her home then went for an hour walk down towards St. Augustine Beach. The warm weather really draws out the crowds. Since they can drive on the beach, groups of teenagers park up their cars and crank the stereos and barbecue and play beach games. Then all of us gray hairs dodge them whether we’re out for a stroll, walking the dog or riding bikes (or adult size trikes). It’s a fun scene and good exercise.

Since we got here last week, we’re still working on the stand up paddling and getting in good long bike rides up and down the beach. It’s awesome to just pound out the miles in a natural setting not worrying about cars or any kind of traffic. Before PJ left we were doing a SUP session when I spotted a pod of dolphins and paddled out with them. There were four adults and three little ones. The adults kept about a ten yard distance carefully watching as the babies came right up next to me to see what I was about. One of those moments I’ll remember.

Not much else going on. An occasional AA meeting, a grocery run or two since I always forget something and the odd repair project. Other than that the daily options are surf, SUP, bike, walk the beach or swim in the pool. To round it out, I try to get in a daily meditation and a bit of yoga, just don’t tell all my macho big diesel truck neighbors. Anyhow, someone’s barbecuing up a righteous smelling steak and it’s making me hungry. Time to cook up some dinner.

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