Hanging in the Shade

Since the time change, Cali and I have been doing a pretty good job of getting up early in the morning and catching the sunrise down at the beach. This morning we loitered on the boardwalk sipping tea for awhile before moving down onto the sand to start our day with a little walk. We were not the only ones up. There were already cyclists roving the beach and small clusters of sunrise watchers either on boardwalk benches or strolling along the shore. It is setting up to be another beautiful day.

Nothing unusual going on these past few days. The wind has been blowing strongly from the north making stand up paddling unappealing (bumpy water and notable current) so I’ve been relegated to boogie boarding or swimming in the pool. Spending plenty of time with my toes in the sand. I’ve been out to a couple of meetings and a grocery shop but otherwise hang close to home. Lots of quality time with the pooch and I’ve finally got most of the picking down for East Bound and Down. Now it’s just a matter of working on the timing.

A row of chairs for my imaginary friends

How DO you manage to do that?

No matter how many times I crisscross the sand of northern Florida, there is always something new to see. Each time I ride the bike I try to push out a little farther to see what lies beyond the next patch of sand. There’s a little beach diner about a thirty minute pedal south that might require some inspection and I’ve yet to walk out on the pier. For now, I’ll hang in the shade with the hound dog and see what comes up next.