My final day on the Natchez Trace took me all the way into Nashville. As we passed through Alabama and made our way into Tennessee, the trees began to change. The latitude must be such that many of the trees here have yet to leaf out. Still a bit of leftover winter. Cali had a bad day the first day out but she is on the mend.

The weather didn’t help our mood either. The rain began to fall as we hit the Alabama line. We spent two nights in Nashville. The first night the sky opened up and the storm dropped rain until the early morning. The next day, I wanted to walk down to the Grand Ole Opry. I followed the Cumberland River until I reached the walking entrance at the Opryland Hotel. A cop was there blocking the entrance and turning me back towards Music Valley. The next road over and only other route was Briley, an interstate with an on ramp so I was out of luck.

Bare Trees

On the way out of town the next morning, I drove over to the Opry and had a walk around. There was one couple wandering the grounds but other than that the compound was empty. I walked the property and took a few pictures then decided to brave the downtown and have a look at the Ryman Auditorium, the original Grand Ole Opry.

Even with the Stay at Home order, traffic was busy in the downtown. I made it to the Opry House, but the street that the GPS turned me on to had a bunch of construction and I barely squeezed through. Parking was tight and I couldn’t find a spot to put the oversized vehicle, so it ended up being a drive by then I quickly found my way back to the freeway and pointed my dashboard toward the Bluegrass State.