Playa Lagarto

The day started with some running around taking care of business with cars in Nicoya. We had a new house guest this morning, a little black puppy that decided to stop by. We made sure he knew he was welcome any time. After everything was attended to, we headed home to get ready for tonight’s shindig down at Playa Lagarto. One of Jarrod’s good friends is testing out a possible tourist event to have some fun and maybe make a few colones on the side.

We picked up Chuck and Sharissa around four and cruised out of Paraiso until we reached the washboard dirt road that rolls through the ranches and farmlands of Guanacaste. We were the first ones to arrive at the beach where we met up with Sean, Michael and his mom who was busy in the rustic kitchen putting together all of the fixins for our lobster luau.

Jarrod and the crew from Rancho Playa Negra showed up and the fiesta was on. Soon the horses came clopping up and half of the gang mounted up and galloped off into the foothills. Sean has an extensive finca and the posse went on a tour through the trees and tall grass. A few rogue wild horses came with the idea of getting lucky with the rider’s mounts but the cowboys shooed them off. PJ was anxious at first but got into the ride on a dominant horse that insisted on pushing itself to the front. On a few occasions, her not so trusty steed took her down the wrong path and the boys had to call her back. She returned excited and stoked to have gotten out and challenged her nervousness about riding.

The rest of us hung out on the beach talking about everything under the sun as Sean and the crew got the fires set up for cooking and bonfire action. The sun slowly set over the ruffled waters of the outer reef as we relaxed together and watched. Moments later, the cavalry came trotting back into camp excited about their outing.

Sean’s crew grilled up the lobsters on the open wood fire and we all sat down while Michael and Sean kept reloading the platters. The never ending lobster plate on the sand in Playa Lagarto. Salad, rice beans, platanos, ceviche, lobsters and conversations. I think Sean is onto something good here.

After dinner, we stepped over to the fogata and stood near the flames looking up at the amazing array of stars splashed across the tropical sky. Chuck, being the sailor among the group, was able to point out some of the constellations overhead. It was an animated group, the young Coloradans, us guys along with Bob and Val from Rhode Island. We all agreed that the unique location, good food and chill vibe made for a great way to spend a day.

And, of course, no country fiesta would be complete without a rousing round of the Macarena. Those willing gave it their utmost and it was almost as fun for those of us that watched. Thanks to all for a wonderful time.

2 thoughts on “Playa Lagarto

  1. Wow how amazing all of this is. Now wonder why Mema and Karen loves your blogs!!! I love the dancing. You look amazing PJ.


  2. Great to see you on Zoom today. PJ, you amaze me – horse back riding, the Macarena plus all of your water skills. You go Girl!! Mike, you got that “hippie” look going. I like it! I want some of that grilled lobster -NOW! Love your new good looking canine friend, too. Stay well. Love, Meema


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