Guanacaste Days

Another week under the bridge of time. Sometimes it feels like we are really busy but when you look at the list of accomplishments it doesn’t seem like a whole lot really gets done. Someone told us once that if, here in Costa Rica, you head out to do errands hoping to get seven things done and you come home having completed one or two, it has been a successful day. We do manage to successfully get to Junquillal for a dip on the ocean and a magnificent sunset though.

I picked up a new board, a quad fin fish. The only caveat was that it didn’t come with the fins included so that prompted a day long pursuit through the various beach communities in the area. No one in the nearby neighborhoods had them, so we were off to Tamarindo (Scamagringo as it’s also known) to see if we could locate a set. After a drive out to Langosta and a stop at the beach south of town, we got down to the serious business of shopping. Five stores into the search I scored a set at the surf shop in the little strip mall across from the main beach.


Tooth Tail

Surfed Avellanas a few days. One never knows what they might find along the dusty dirt roads going from here to there through the bush and little developments. But I know for sure that you will find clouds of billowing polvo. We’re at the end of the dry season and it is as arid as it gets. Rain’s just around the corner so things will soon go green and the dust will settle.

Getting my morning chuleta at Lalo’s place next to the soccer field in Paraiso

Our friends had a chef come to their house and put together a gourmet meal for a group of us. Met some awesome people and chowed some amazing food. We gathered on the deck around the pool for a spectacular sunset before going in to dine and talk away the night. Thanks so much for a magical evening.

The car paperwork finally came in so I got in a drive to Nicoya to pick that up. I had waxed up the car and sealed all of the rubber with protectant so I was hesitant to take the shiny vehicle out on the dirt roads but duty called. On the way home I pulled into Ravi’s place and got the alignment done on the Hyundai. Since I had the new tires put on it has had a slight pull to the right. Eight thousand colones, twenty minutes and now it drives straight as an arrow. Time to pack and get ready for new adventures.

Shiny as a new penny

3 thoughts on “Guanacaste Days

  1. Amazing pictures! When I think back to you touring the US and Canada, I can’t believe the differences in our countries and your bit of heaven, Costa Rica. Your wildlife is very different too. The car looks good and I’m glad you’re still enjoying your water activities. Stay well. Love, Meema


  2. What can I say? I love the sunsets the best and the horses on the beach. I always had this dream of riding a horse on a beach but was also afraid of horses cause they are so dog gone big!!! So there goes that dream???? Lol! Love you guys, Tutu coo coo!


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