Playa Escondida

Breakfast is included, so each morning we head over to see what they are cooking up. There are so few people here that we are able to take over the upstairs patio area and do Zoom meetings while watching the waves. There is a sheltered cove marked by buoys over to the west where the local fishermen launch their boats. It looks like a good place to put in with the paddle boards so around 11:00 we drove over to explore.

Another beautiful empty stretch of beach. We paddled out through the row of buoys that mark the channel. Once out past the swells, we turned left to follow the rocky coast up past our hotel. We worked our way down as far as the surf spot on the far side of Punta Franca. There were three guys out catching some decent looking rights. The wind was beginning to come up so we turned back to Playa Escondida. Great place for paddling.

There’s our room!

In the afternoon we made a run into Pedasi to have a look. We drove out to Playa Toro, Bull Beach, to walk the sand and see what it has to offer. A half dozen people were scattered around the beach, sitting in chairs or walking dogs. A Rasta guy who appeared to be a self appointed caretaker for the beach was picking up trash and raking the sand. As evening arrived, he began to light a few campfires where he had gathered up sticks.

More people arrived as the day was ending, looking to enjoy the wide open low tide expanse of beach. We rolled back into town for water and to find a farmacia. Cute little town with a small central square, a few restaurants and stores. We found a pharmacy with a surfing pill on the wall and got what we needed.

5 thoughts on “Playa Escondida

  1. Sooooo beautiful! Looks so relaxing and enjoyable. Hope you both are feeling good and lovin every minute of it.


  2. Glad you got out on the boards today. It really is a lovely place. Enjoy your weekend and be safe, happy and well. Love, Meema


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