Techno Venao

Sonic Venao came to the beach over the past weekend, a four day rave and electronic music festival. The bass was pounding throughout the entire village until the wee hours of the morning. We walked the beach one night to check out the light show and flames but our ten o’clock foray was far too early for things to be hopping. Only a few people were wiggling on the dancing grounds waiting for the action to get started at a later hour.

One family had rented every available condo and the entire hotel at Villa Marina for a big birthday bash for some ricachon from the city. We knew ahead of time that we were going to be displaced for two days so we had a room booked over at La Playita Resort. After check out time, we had a couple of hours to kill before check in at La Playita so we headed into Pedasi for a few items, taking a dirt road back way behind Los Asientos and emerging on the main road above Pedasi. We passed through more rural ranch lands and small pueblitos. We did our errands then headed over for our mini vacation!

Horse Wash

Our room was ready when we drove down the forest path to the hotel. La Playita is the next bay to the east from Venao, a beautiful protected cove with a coral reef to explore. The housing is on the rustic scale of the spectrum, but we really enjoyed the ambiance and decor; who doesn’t like having a tree in their room?

We settled in for our first day and mostly just rested from being kept awake most of the previous night by the thumping and bumping and people coming and going. PJ commandeered the hammock on the balcony overlooking the sea and I did some lounging on a hand carved wooden chair. A nice getaway from, hmmm…, our nice getaway.

Coming home to roost

5 thoughts on “Techno Venao

  1. Wow what a amazing journey the two of you are on!! Stay happy and healthy!! Miss and love you both ❤️🙏


  2. Wow is right!! Your own treehouse! The little girl with the hair! My children had hair like that but not quite as high!!! Enjoy yourselves!!!!


  3. Wow, PJ got her “groove thang” on dancing and swinging. I love your new digs and they really are rustic. Enjoyed the horse wash picture too. Love seeing you happy and relaxed. Be well. Love you both. Meema


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