Tranquilo Playa Blanca

A touch of journalistic lethargy has overtaken me since returning to Playa Blanca. Every day we try to get out and about for a while before settling in to doing little projects at the house. We drove a friend into Nicoya for a doctor’s visit and a day of shopping. We actually broke down and picked up a TV and have been wrestling with getting it connected to the services we want. Plenty of time is spent in the pool and enjoying the greening up of Guanacaste now that the rainy season is upon us.

Dry Season
Rainy Season

What else is new since we got back? PJ has taken to feeding the local dogs. We travel around with a bag of food and any sad looking stray gets a small pile. The albino mare has given birth to a beautiful colt. PJ likes to visit them and feed them some veggies or fruit. We think the mama is nearly blind with her pale blue eyes but she can sniff out an apple with ease and has a serene manner about her.

Mango season is coming to a close. There are just a few remaining on our friend’s tree near the AA meeting that we used to raid. Mamones are in bloom and everywhere along the roadsides resourceful vendors have piles them on tables for 1000 colones a kilo. Tasty little snacks.

After a run to the fish market, our friend Jeff came over for a barbecue and to hang around the patio. The neighborhood cat quickly realized we were home and has returned to the house to declare herself queen of the castle once more.

Other features of Guanacaste living? Bugs, birds and sunsets. Plenty of all three. Good and bad in the bug department. We’ve squashed a few scorpions and swatted a few noseems but they are a minor inconvenience when you get to see fierce looking caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t get a kick out of checking out a killer scorpion posing with his tail in the air.

What’s with that stick on the ground?
Why, it’s a giant stick bug!

The ocean is still mid eighties and the days are warm. The sunsets seem to have taken on a new depth of color with the change of season. The residual cloud cover from the rain storms adds a colorful afterglow that remain long after the golden orb has disappeared.

2 thoughts on “Tranquilo Playa Blanca

  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of the changing seasons. It was good to see you on KIS and even though I couldn’t stay, I was happy to hear that we’ll continue to Zoom. Mike, I apologize for mentioning your trip to the States. I didn’t realize it was not to be shared. Love you both.Meema


  2. I really enjoyed this post, especially the colt!! The mama looks like she doesn’t have any fat on her. This am on meeting I jumped out of my chair when a little spider jumped on my book. The pictures are lovely as usual. Good to see you both on Zoom. Love and hugs. Tutu


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