Playa Blanca Rocks

The reef out front offers a variety of fish depending on the given day. Since it is just a 50 yard stroll down our path, it’s a favorite place to hang out. On a whim we grab our snorkeling gear and run down to see what’s swimming along the rocks.

Having had our fair share of sun over the years, we try to avoid as much direct sun as we can. Fortunately, there are plenty of trees lining the shore with logs underneath for relaxing in the shade.

The reef and clear warm water aren’t the only attractions, Playa Blanca is also a great place to watch the sun melt into the sea. A short stroll up the sand gives a clear view around the point to see the gold, red and orange hues along with the green flash at the moment of disappearing.

When I sit on he sand taking in the jungle, ocean and natural beauty I remember how truly blessed we are to be living in a place that most people only know from the screen savers on their computers. Playa Blanca rocks.

3 thoughts on “Playa Blanca Rocks

  1. I felt like I was watching Animal Planet Aquarium. Just beautiful. Thanks for the memorable pictures. Be safe and well. Love, Meema


  2. Absolutely incredible Mike. So glad you two are getting to make this dream become the reality. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.


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