A few more hodgepodge photos of ordinary everyday goings on. Nothing special brewing these days. Lately we’ve been focused on getting ready for a short getaway up to Nuevo Arenal and then preparing the hacienda for an upcoming visit from my brother in arms, Chris and his girlfriend, Ama.

Dawn dog walks
Keeping the leaves at bay
Trying my hand at watercolor
Always some cool birds stopping by
PJ’s wind chime project

I’ve said it before. Monkeys never wear out their welcome around me. I apologize in advance for uploading more monocongo shots but they’ve been coming around a lot lately plus I had some earlier pictures from when the short lived yellow flowers were blooming on the Cortez tree. The monkeys have an affinity for the petals and stripped the branches bare again in a matter of days.

I’m not the only one in the house that likes them. It seems PJ and Oso get entranced as well seeing them cavorting in the backyard. Even the free range horses that occasionally stop by for a refreshing drink from the pool stop and look up to see what they’re about.