The Road to Arenal

The drive was relatively easy through Nicoya and across the Tempisque bridge. But when we reached Limonal, the check engine light came on and I began to sweat. I pulled to the side and checked the oil, water and all other vital signs. Everything seemed to be in order so we continued on but always with a worry of impending doom lurking in the background. I figured it might just be an emissions code so with a careful eye on all gauges we made our way up to the cabina in Nuevo Arenal and got settled in as the rain began to come down for the afternoon.

Getting Close
Who says it’s not all unicorns and rainbows?
Above the rainbow

During an evening break in the rain, we walked over to the boat docks and had a look at the wind chopped lake surface and fast moving current. An older couple’s dog took a disliking to Oso and was growling and menacing us as we stood overlooking the beach. No paddling tonight. We did a walk around the grounds then headed back home and got comfortable for the night.

Luis, the husband of the woman who checked us in is a mechanic and he is coming by tomorrow to run a check on the codes and we can see where we are at with the car.