There’ll be no turning back

We were up and moving around early, getting the house looking as good as we can get it. Sandra came over a little before 11:00.  We talked about the potential renters for a few minutes then PJ and I took the dogs and walked through the lagoon down to Riviera park so she could show the house. We sat in the shade behind the tennis courts killing time and planning our day. Sandra texted us a little after noon and we hiked home to meet with her. The family from Wisconsin was excited to move in and it looked like they have all of the necessary qualifications. She is processing their application and if all things look good, they will be wanting to move in July 1st. July 1st! That’s only 12 days away! We took a few deep breathes and got into action. Pea started boxing all of the things we are going to store and I headed over to Lowes to see about getting carpet in the house by the 29th. The few styles of carpet that we were interested in would take 2 weeks to order. We don’t have 2 weeks, so the clerk gave me samples of some carpets styles they have on hand. Pretty limited selection. Took them home and PJ wasn’t going for any of the sad looking little carpet patches I’d brought home. We packed a few more boxes then hauled a load over to StorQuest and organized the unit a little. We stopped in Bressi Ranch for some dinner at the Pure burger, expensive but tasty. Then it was over to Home Depot to check out their selection. After spending a half hour or so hunting down a sales guy that knew anything about carpet, we settled on a medium grade carpet “ageless beauty” and arranged to have the measuring crew come out next week and get the carpet installed on the 29th. A little uneasy about their dependability but we’ll see. We both have long lists of things to accomplish, now it is just a matter of focus for the next twelve days to have the house ready for  a seamless transition for the incoming family. The stress meter just started reaching the red zone.