Lexi Gets a Physical

Took the motorhome in for her final mechanical check up before heading out on the highway. Woke up bright and early and got out the door by 8:00 to take the Lexington over to Big Red’s Automotive in Escondido to get a few things tightened up before our upcoming departure.


When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see my good friends Christian and Andrea there dropping off their vehicle for some maintenance also. We took a gander at the motorhome and sat for a few minutes inside and caught up on things.

Ken ordered the auxiliary fan I wanted to install for additional ventilation for the transmission cooler. We removed the grill from the RV and prepared for the placement of the fan and thermostat. Not having a ride home, I settled in on the internet and did some research on OBD2 code readers that connect via smart phone.


Dad came over at lunch time and we went to a little old school diner around the corner called Home Sweet Home. Very local, very throw back in style. Not only the restaurant, but the customers as well. It was good to hang out with the old man and catch up on the latest family news. We did a Home Depot run to get him a replacement sprinkler controller and to pick up a few bolts for the fan assembly. He dropped me back at Red’s and made an appointment to get his front end aligned and headed for home.


We moved the RV as far into the building as it would safely go before catching on the air-conditioner and one mechanic completed the fan assembly while another crawled around under Lexi and lubed up all of her zerk fittings, inspected the brakes, topped up all fluids and gave the mechanical portions of the motorhome a thorough once over. Afterwards, Ken and I took her for a tour around town to make sure everything felt and sounded as it should. With a clean bill of health, I drove Lexi back through the afternoon traffic to the house and continued organizing our gear.