Retirement Celebration

Sunday started with more packing and a hot, sweaty run to the storage unit. The keypad for entering our code to go up in the elevator is missing the number 6. Shouldn’t be a problem as there are no sixes in our storage entry code. But as I enter our number, the keypad throws a 6 on the end and it denies us entry. After several frustrating attempts, I had to go in and interrupt the disheveled looking kid in the office and pull him away from the internet so he could get us into our unit. Also, they always lock up the carts so you have to find someone to come and free a cart so you can load your belongings. After spending some time unloading our goods and rearranging the boxes, we  accomplished our mission. After that a stop at Costco and then back to the homestead for more clearing out and packing up.



In the afternoon, we headed to PJ’s sister, Kim’s house for a BBQ and afternoon at the beach. She lives along the beach in Oceanside right across from the pier. Parking was at a premium, so I jumped out of the car with the Chiminea we are dropping off for Kim, our beach gear and the tortoise while PJ went to find a spot for the car.


The house was decorated with a big Happy Retirement banner across the front and lots of little signs and adornments celebrating PJ’s final days of gainful employment. PJ put on a little retirement hat Kim gave her and I had a little ribbon. Tons of people pass by both on foot and in cars, many shouting happy retirement out at us. It is a blast.

We took Kim’s dog for a little stroll down on the strand and got lots of comments from passers by. The tide was super high and throwing stones up on the road. The cars were hugging the inland side of the strand herding the pedestrians to the edge of the sidewalk to avoid the salty puddles and piles of debris. Beautiful sunny day with tons of people out enjoying it. We went back to the house and relaxed with Kim and our nephew, Nick. He got the BBQ fired up and soon after his bother Andrew arrived and we started cooking up some tasty filets and brats.


Soon, our friends Mike and Karla joined us and we had a nice feast and enjoyed conversation and laughter on the deck  as the sun slowly melted into the sea. Karla and Mike own a sanctuary for all kinds of exotic animals and have a number of different tortoises. They were kind enough to add our tortoise Tucker to their menagerie. He will have a good home with some new lady friends and lots of space. So long Tucker. Much thanks Mike and Karla.


We had a wonderful evening, but had to get back to the dogs and the reality of closing out our home. Thanks again for the warm wishes, gifts, company and fantastic food.



Chiminea finds a new home