Keystone Lake OK – 8/27


We slept in and enjoyed the quiet in our little corner of the woods. Took care of our dog duties then enjoyed a bowl of cereal and fruit at the concrete picnic bench on our patio. PJ was doing some journaling and the dogs were running around sniffing for rabbits.

It was a bright sunny day promising to get hotter as the sun rose higher in the Oklahoma sky. We grabbed the dogs and some towels and walked down to the lake. By far the nicest lake for swimming that we have visited so far. Nice sandy beach entry with minimal rocks and water that must have been 80°. We spent a few hours at the lake mostly hanging in the water and getting the dogs to swim. There were a number of people camping and a few guys fishing. Don’t think they were too excited to have us swimmers roiling up the water. 

A van pulled up and an older local gentleman jumped out with his golden retriever and proceeded to throw a rubber chicken out into the lake for him to fetch. The dogs ran over and played for a few minutes, but Max was serious about swimming far out in the water to collect his prize and bring it back to his owner.

Around midday we headed back to the RV. The temperature was rising into the 90s, so PJ made us a vegetarian lunch, then we napped and killed time inside with the A/C going. Dogs were out like lights. It was a really easy going afternoon, nowhere to be, nothing to have to think about.

As the evening descended and the air began to cool, we fed and walked the dogs then put them inside the cool of the RV. About ¾ of a mile around the bend sits the Crow’s Nest Restaurant over on Pier 51. This is the camping area where all of the action is. Party barges, elbow to elbow drinkers and lots of hootin’ and hollerin’. We sat out on the deck and ordered dinner. It was nice to do something different and have an evening out.

It was a beautiful evening and my bleu cheese burger was excellent. A band started up playing southern rock and country music. We enjoyed it for a while, finished our meals and hiked back over to our simple little spot in the woods. We opened the door and let the dogs out to chase a few rabbits. We were cozy inside by nine, reading and blogging.