A Day of Rest

Lazy day today. I hardly left the house. Did a lot of reading and resting up. There were a lot of fireworks exploding at all hours of the night last night and Cali needed reassurance. She tried to crawl into bed but I kept her on the floor and petted her until she could relax. This happened several times. Tonight she is taking a chill pill.

Good day for nappin’

Russo came by in the morning and peed on the screen door wetting the curtain inside. His way of impressing the ladies, The maids came and took the curtain to the laundry. 

Trouble comes calling

Hey, who’s that out there?

PJ went to the gym and spent some time swimming in the pool. We put up some Christmas decorations and organized a few things. Really quiet in the neighborhood. Made some soy chorizo tacos for dinner then watched a National Geographic show on elephants. Not much to post.