Checking out the Neighborhood

We saw to some domestic stuff early in the day. The air conditioner didn’t work the other night when we tried to run it for white noise when Cali was freaking out. Elias came by today, climbed a ladder and dismantled the unit. He figured out that the circuit board shorted out when a gecko fried itself inside the control panel. He ordered one from Guadalajara and it should come in tomorrow.

We took the 1:00 shuttle over to the Mega store to pick up a few grocery items and to see if the electronics guys can help PJ with a few features on the phone we bought there last week. Unfortunately, they weren’t much help. PJ will just have to go minus a few accessories until she goes home next week and picks up a new phone in Rhode Island. We ate a slice of dubious tasting pizza at the store snack bar then caught a cab back out to the house.

Took an afternoon nap falling asleep listening to a Chopra meditation on the iPod. I guess that’s why you’re supposed to meditate sitting up. Peaceful and quiet around here today. Late in the day, we took the dogs for a walk out into the neighborhood behind Los Arroyos where there is a fair size rural community. Lots of dogs that we set to barking and many of them came out to follow us around until they got past their comfort zone and turned back for home. There is a small “mini super” an easy walk from the house with basic groceries. We came upon our herd of goats that we hear every afternoon. They were foraging in the area behind our pad. Chickens, horses, cows and a legion of dogs, now we have an idea of what our neighbors look like.

Open air church

We walked inland along the main road for about a km just to see what was there. Some nice ranchos and plots of land for sale. Dodged a few bicycle riders coming down the narrow path and greeted everyone with a friendly ‘buenas tardes’.

Dropped the dogs back at the casita, changed into our swim suits and walked over to the pool for an evening dip. Water was a comfortable 82 degrees and we floated around until the sun was going down. Kept my head above water to keep the ears dry. The doctor said to give it a week before any serious swimming. We had the pool to ourselves for most of the time. Another couple came down and the wife took a quick plunge on the other side of the island, but they didn’t stay long. My favorite time of the day when the shadows grow long and the angle of the lighting gives the background a magical kind of beauty.

Back at the house, I sautéed some fresh fish filets with mushrooms and garlic. Served it up with salad and toasted bolillos.