Mellow day at Los Arroyos. Walked with the dogs up the dirt path to the west. We went as far as the Orange compound where I noticed a couple of loose dogs down the trail so we turned around before making contact. A nicely dressed gentleman was pushing a scooter with a toddler on it down the track. He misjudged how long he could go without refueling. He had a good attitude about it. Said it was good for his heart.

We stayed close to home organizing photos and reading my Sidney Poitier book. Went for my massage at 2:00. I had the other therapist this time. She did a great job. Staggered home and lounged some more. Showered off the lotion and had a long conversation on the phone with PJ. She went into Providence with the folks and visited the Apple Store to get a new phone. A fun excursion to the city for shopping and lunch.

PJ and Pete at the Providence Apple Store having fun

Around dusk, I hooked up the hounds and we went for another outing, this time walking up the path to the east. Quiet time of day and nice sunset on the return leg. Heated up some leftovers and watched a basketball game. Nothing of note going on here.