Totally lazy day. The only time I left the house was when I took the dogs out for their walks. We started the day with a long walk down towards town turning around just before we got to California Pizza. Hot and sunny day. We were all ready for a cool drink of water when we got back.

Kids on the trail

I spent the day reading and working on the blog format. I got caught up reading the blog and spent a good part of the afternoon reliving our journey from Mystic, CT all the way to the Mexican border. Good memories, better than a photo album. That is one of the main reasons I enjoy keeping the blog going. It is the equivalent of the old written journal, just easier to carry and with the added bonus of having the ability to include pictures. I have four years worth of paper journals from my travels in Costa Rica that are gathering dust in a suitcase in the storage unit along with a bunch of smaller journals from other trips and adventures. With this format, I always have access. I began the practice back in 2011 when I went to bicycle mechanic school up in Ashland, Oregon with and created a second blog for Europe in 2013, for that trip. It is great because I can go back and put myself right back at the scene from anywhere with internet.

Grayton Beach, Fla. back in November
I cooked up the other plantain I had in the fruit bowl along with some chorizo and eggs. Made a great lunch and all these things are unbelievably inexpensive here. A friend I hadn’t spoken to in years called today and we talked for almost an hour. It was good to reconnect and catch up on changes in our lives.

Roused myself from my reverie and put in an hour or so playing guitar. Pulled out some old song sheets and relearned some music I once knew how to play. Felt good. Sure the oldies next door were appreciating the serenade😬

Took the dogs for a walk after dark. About halfway around the compound, the locals out in the neighborhoods started blowing off firecrackers and Cali was freaking out and pulling for the barn. Any chance of her doing her business went out the window because all she wanted was to get back in the pad and hide under something.

What Cali perceives

Ate a bowl of cereal and watched Monday night football. Talked to PJ before she went to bed and typed a little post. Quiet reflective day.