Laid Back New Years

Last night the neighborhood rang in the new year with a bang. Lots of heavy duty fireworks were exploding both in the compound and in the surrounding area. The anti-anxiety medicine did its job though and Cali raised her head and looked around but didn’t go into full on panic mode. I petted her and soothed them both. I got into reading my book and stayed up until nearly three finishing it off.

This morning, I started 2017 by sleeping in until 9:45. I drank some tea then read an inspirational e-mail that I get from Richard Rohr, a Franciscan monk who focuses on spiritual living. Then I meditated for a while before taking the dogs out into the Mexican sunshine. We walked west past the orange compound where a tiny chihuahua and a small puppy came out to make friends with our crew. That felt like a good turn around point so we reversed our direction and Cali was yanking us back to the barn.

The maids were in the house doing their twice a week cleaning when we got back. I put the dogs inside then went out and cleaned up and serviced the bikes. They finished about the same time I did and it was time to get comfortable and watch a little football. Pretty much loafed all day switching back and forth from one game to another. 

Joaquin has been talking up the pizza joint on the corner, California Pizza. So at around five, I hopped on my bike and pedaled down the path and ordered up a large mushroom, sausage and pineapple pizza. I sat out at a table watching people go by while they were baking my pie. Bungeed the piping hot pizza onto my basket and rode on home.


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Things were quieting down and I enjoyed a peaceful evening eating pizza and watching even more football. Took the mutts for an evening spin around the property. On the way back to the pad, I closed them in the dog run long enough to select a new novel from the ample collection of books they have in the laundry area. A James Patterson book, he seems to be pretty popular. I’ll give it a chance. It felt like a holiday doing very little and loving every minute of it. Ear’s getting better as the day goes on. I have to fiddle with it less now to keep it open. I’ll call tomorrow for an appointment and get it cleared up. Peace to all for 2017