Taking the day off

Took it easy today. The maids came around 10:00, so I vacated the room and went to hang out in the family room with Dawn. Dad made us some breakfast and then I went back into the newly cleaned room and changed the tax appointment until next week so I could have time for the missing 1099s to come in. Organized some things then did some stuff online.
Around 1:00, my friend Kevin O called and asked what I was up to. Well, taking it easy. So he came by and we all went out to a nice Mexican cafe over in restaurant row. We brought dad, Sandy and Dawn along with us. Had to give Dawn a big boost to get her up in Kevin’s tall truck. It was a treat seeing Kevin who I’ve known since high school. Food was good, the waiter was a bit odd, and the company was fantastic. Got to catch up on the all the current state of O’Kelly family affairs. My best to the whole clan.

Kevin’s kind of like Dick Clark, he never seems to get older

A tussle broke out when the check came. I intercepted it from Kevin, then when I was distracted, Dad grabbed out from underneath my arm. We all grumbled about paying, but Dad had possession and wasn’t giving it up. So, thanks for lunch Pop, it was an enjoyable outing. Back at the house, we said goodbye to Kevin and proceeded to lounge for the rest of the day. I spent a bunch of time trying to create a slideshow on the iPad, but ended up losing it after putting in all the effort. I give up for today. Ate some leftover Pollo from last night and went to bed early.