Keeping it Clean

Thursday’s and Sunday’s are cleaning days. The maids come at noon so I try to have something to go do to get out of their way. I leave the dogs and the girls are really good with them. Today, I had everything set to head over to the gym when Lupe showed up. I put the laundry in the machine downstairs, then went up and did some yoga and a little working out. My back’s been a little tight so I’m trying to loosen it up a bit.

I managed to kill two hours and when I went back to the casita, Lupe was gone and the place was spic and span. Made myself a cheeseburger then let the dogs out. The gardener who cares for the grounds over by the water tower brought a chaise lounge and I set it up over in the side yard under the shade of the bamboo stand. A good place for reading when the sun finally reaches the hammocks at about two in the afternoon.

Covert chair delivery

Locked the dogs inside and caught the five o’clock shuttle over to the Chedraui store. Picked up a few cans of dog food and a box of cereal. Stuffed them in my hippy backpack and walked into Bucerias. Took a few side streets I hadn’t been on before. Some really nice houses and quaint little streets. Came out in the beach road and walked along looking for a place for a couple of tacos. 

Ended up walking all the way to the other side of the arroyo to eat at Tacos Junior. Ordered a taco plate of carne asada with bacon, mushrooms and cheese. They don’t make the tacos for you. They just give you a pile of meat and about ten small tortillas. On the table, they have carousels with salsas, guacamole and other condiments. I made about six tasty little tacos out of it and rinsed them down with a 7-up.

Can’t beat Junior’s meat

Buen provecho
Walked over to the meeting and made it just in time. Nine people showed up, three came up from Puerto Vallarta and our newcomer from last week arrived a few minutes after things got started. Everyone had a chance to give their input on the first step. Good for me to hear, keeps me grounded in reality. As much as I might want to just stay at home, I never leave a meeting wishing I hadn’t made the effort to get there. 
Took the dogs out for a circumnavigation of Los Arroyos, then folded shirts and did some stuff online. They finally got the internet going again. We’ll see how it does.