Slow Moving Day in Bucerias

We slept in on the giant king sized bed in the cool, quiet morning hours. My back is a little tweaked from something I did yesterday so I took it easy. We had side by side massages at 11:00 from the spa girls. They seem to get better each time out. 
After lunch, we took the shuttle to the Santander bank and withdrew enough pesos to pay the rent for the week. Alfredo stopped at the mini-super on the way back and we got a few household items for the casita. Rested my back, took naps and generally had a lazy day hanging out in the room.

At 5:00, we caught the shuttle into town and went to the ‘there is a solution’ meeting in the little shack in the arroyo. The group is shrinking as more and more of the snowbird population join the exodus out of Mexico. There were five people there with interesting backgrounds. 

After the meeting, we met up with our friend Valerie over at a little seafood shack on the side road that parallels the arroyo. The food was so so but it was good having the time with Valerie. 

After dinner, we took a stroll over to the zocalo where a band was playing Cumbria in the gazebo. We grabbed an ice cream cone from the Michoacán ice cream store on the corner and sat with the crowd watching the goings on in the plaza. Caught a taxi home and took it easy.

Hamburgers on the Wing