Landing in Rhode Island

We made it to the east coast. Uneventful drive through eastern NY, Massachusetts and into Rhode Island. We were happily greeted by Pete and Carole when we rolled up at PJ’s childhood home.

My favorite coffee mug went for a bicycle ride on the back of the RV this morning. It spent the first thirty miles of the drive sitting on the bike rack where I’d left it while emptying the tanks before leaving Fox Hill. Amazing it was still there. My friend Steve had it made for me a few years ago and I use it every day. Wouldn’t want to have to send him on the train back down to Shelter Island to get a replacement 😬.

My favorite mug

Relaxed at the table in the backyard. PJ kept herself occupied washing dogs and doing laundry. I did some catching up with the in-laws sitting in the shade and watching the birds gathering at the feeders.

As the sun progressed overhead, we went for a swim in the dough boy pool. The water was in the 80s but still refreshing considering the heat and humidity of the afternoon. Cali couldn’t decide if she wanted to be inside or outside.

“Let me in…. no, no let me out!”

In the evening, Pete and I did a quick run to Sandy Lane country style market to pick up some fresh picked sweet corn. For dinner, we barbecued up some hamburgers and ate them with corn and salad. Great to see family and watch a Red Sox game with Pete. Tired from over 3000 miles of driving, it was nice to spend the night in a real bed.

3 thoughts on “Landing in Rhode Island

  1. So happy you guys had a safe journey and are at the old homestead! The folks look great and so happy to have you there!!! Had some tears seeing it all. Glad the mug made it!!! The yard looks way better than it did in March!!!! Much love from Wickenburg AZ. xx


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