Fox Hill, NY

Cali was squirrelly at 5:30 this morning and PJ got up to take her outside. I tried to stay asleep but it wasn’t happening. We were all awake, so we got up and decided to take a hike down by the lakes. The hawks were out by their nests tending to their young ones. PJ got a couple of pictures while I was still trying to force some shut eye.

The lake was as blue-green as it was yesterday only more outstanding in the early morning sun. We walked around Round Lake first sitting for a time on a bench in quiet contemplation. We then took the short trail over to Green Lake and walked the almost two miles around that lake. There were quite a few joggers out taking advantage of the nicely groomed trails to run on. 

We had a look at the reefs built by bacteria along the lake. Long tendrils of moss hung from their sides giving fish a place to hide. Dead Man’s Point had a large concentration of them and some even protruded up out of the water.

Around the far end of the lake from the campground, there was a large groomed beach with concession stands and places to rent boats. The crews were out in force getting everything in tip top shape for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

Back at camp, PJ took a nap while I typed up a small post for yesterday. Had some tea, then roused everyone for breakfast then packed up our camp and prepared to hit the road. I decided to try the old RVer’s trick of putting ice cubes and borax in the black water tank to scrub it up. Added the borax and some Dawn detergent after dumping, then bought two bags of ice at the camp store and threw them in. We’ll see what happens.

Our drive today is only 166 miles to a small community a little ways southeast of Albany. The GPS took us on a back roads tour of the Green Lakes area and finally dropped us back on I-90. Easy driving passing through Schenectady and Albany before finally exiting onto some back roads down to Spencertown, NY just a short ways from the Massachusetts border. 

We stopped at a little market where the women were wearing the old school bonnets and putting together some great looking baked goods. Bought some water and a couple of lemon cupcakes. Drove on to the camp ground. The girl booked us in a site and when we drove past it to go to the dump station I noticed it was pretty unlevel, adjacent to the playground and near a lot of other people. We drove up the hill to clear out the tank after doing our ice thing. Poor dump station, a hole in the ground, no more. The nearest water tap was about 40 feet away on the side of the bath house. I only have 20 feet of hose, so we used some gallon water jugs to haul water and rinse. 

On the way back out, I saw a large grassy area with no one parked up. I called the office and they have a large group coming tomorrow but we can camp here if we are out by 10:00 in the morning. No problem. Now, we have no one close and we are up on a hill away from the main campground. PJ took a long nap and I read a USA Today that I picked up at the Travel Center today. Totally peaceful place to hide out.

One thought on “Fox Hill, NY

  1. Hope the rest of your adventure to R.I. is uneventful…..but do keep up the blogs! Happy 4th from all here at the Western Campground!


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