The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind

The wind was still howling when we got up in the dark of the morning to let the dogs out to do their business. We did a little yoga inside while sipping our morning coffee. A new 21 day meditation series from Chopra has just started up online so we got quiet and followed along with that at the kitchen table.

Another Santa Rosa sunrise

By the time we finished our morning rituals, had breakfast and showered, it was already after 11:00. Krista was walking her dogs around the loop, so we said our farewells. Her little fox-dog was pouncing on something, springing up in the air and diving back down. The other dog, a bull terrier – Australian shepherd mix was keeping an alpha eye on everything.

We wound our way through the park and found the dump station down near the lower camp ground. It was busy with a number of campers lining up in the gusting wind of the open prairie. PJ was afraid the RV was going to blow over on its side. We took our turn then dropped down into Santa Rosa for some overpriced gasoline then entered onto I-40 for a hell day of driving.

The wind was a steady 35 mph with gusts up to 60. It was full focus, death grip driving. There were quite a few other rigs out determined to get to where they were heading. The trucks were weaving all over the place also, not slowing a bit for the unsafe conditions. We stopped a number of times for bathroom breaks and to give my arms a rest. The armrests on the Ford cab are a little low so they don’t provide much relief and the outside shoulder area gets sore after some time driving. Worked our way through Albuquerque an on into the badlands to the west.

Lava fields near Grants

We covered a couple hundred miles then happily pulled into a clean little campground in Grants NM. The owners were super accommodating and friendly. We parked up on a long pull through gravelly spot and leveled up. Walked the dogs and took a short nap. We did some reading and relaxing while watching other weary travelers arriving for the night.

The cable was good and we called Surf Shack Pizza and ordered a couple of medium pies to eat while we watched the Houston Astros win the World Series. One of the better World Series playoffs in some time. An easy quiet night with the wind calming down.

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