Windswept Santa Rosa Lake

Cali was fidgeting and demanding attention in the pre-dawn hours. PJ took her out to see if she needed to go to the bathroom and the activity soon had everyone awake. I boiled up a mug of tea and went out to catch the sun coming up over the lake. It was slow coming and the air was a chilly 40 degrees. The sun soon made its appearance along with some deer and flocks of birds getting an early start on their day.

We had some breakfast then I hitched up the hounds and took them on a little excursion down one of the side paths to the shoreline trail. We traversed the rocky slope until the trail petered out before we could reach the lake. We backtracked the way we had come and it was a good walk nonetheless.

I did a couple of small projects I had been wanting to take care of. I dug my drill out of the back storage area and installed the outside temperature sensor on the side of the RV up under the awning on the passenger side. A small screw, a strip of 3M vhb mounting tape and a bead of silicone to finish it off. I had placed the sensor in an outside storage compartment but it wasn’t really an accurate estimation of the outside temperature. This should do the trick.

While I had the silicone out, I decided to go ahead and try caulking the seams of one of the storage compartments that was leaking and see if that might seal out the water that was coming in. I got out my Buc-ees beach mat that we picked up in Texas last year, and got down on the ground and reached in and ran a bead of silicone along every joint in the bay. Hopefully that will solve the leak problem.

Cali lending a hand

It was a restful day. Many of the overnighters had cleared out in the morning and it was quiet and peaceful up on our ridge. The temperature got up near 70 but the strong wind kept things cool. We had some lunch and a nap then I got up and sat out on the lawn to put some new strings on the guitar. I tuned it up and rustily played a couple of tunes while looking out over the lake.

As the evening approached, weary travelers started pouring in looking for a safe haven for the night. Trailers, big diesel coaches, camper vans and even some tent campers. The small tear drop style trailers seem more popular than ever. We took the dogs for a long sunset stroll up the main road out towards the dam. Cali wasn’t digging the wind and we turned back after reaching the top of the hill overlooking the rocky levee that holds back the Pecos River creating Santa Rosa Lake.

PJ braved the camp facilities for an after dark shower while I put together something to eat. Quiet night in the camp reading and going online.

Halloween Spooky

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