Across the Deserts Bare, Man

… I’ve been everywhere. Cali was whining at the door so I was up before the sun taking the dogs for a walk beneath the stars. I put them back inside the RV then made a cup of tea, grabbed the camera and hiked up a small rise to settle in and watch the sun coming up over the desert. It didn’t disappoint. Joshua Tree is one of those magical places that catches shadows and lights turning them into a canvas of natural beauty no matter which angle you view it from.

We had a quiet morning, doing yoga on the sand and eating breakfast in our folding chairs as the day began to warm up. We did some hiking around and climbing around on rocks then relaxed in camp reading our books while Koda kept a watchful eye on the resident bunnies.

Around midday we loaded up and leisurely toured the rest of park heading towards the southern exit stopping often to check out a view or a plaque describing an old mine or a garden of cholla cactus.

Once out of the park, we ended up on a long and lonely stretch of mars like back road that took us through the city of Mecca and over to the shores of the Salton Sea. It was a stark contrast to come out of the arid canyons to a valley of green crops grown with water brought in from canals. An artificial oasis in the middle of some the most barren landscape on the planet.

We stopped in at the marina and yacht club where not a boat or any other living thing other than migrating birds were visible on the vast salt lake. It has become so toxic that the place is almost a ghost town. We continued down the road to the Fountain of Youth, an RV community centered around some hot mineral springs that are supposed to cure what ails you. It’s just a short drive away from the Sun Works where we are headed tomorrow to get a couple of solar panels installed.

We checked into a spot then had a late lunch. After an afternoon nap, we took a hike out into the desert where some of the more hippie retirees have created a circular labyrinth that you weave in and along until it brings to the center. We followed the path then sat on a bench as the sun sank down behind the lake.

We returned to camp and went to the pool and soaked in the hot mineral spa and unwound for a while then jumped in the pool for a nice refreshing swim. Lots of people out and about. There’s a huge population of seasonal oldies who come out from cold locales to spend the winter in the sun. Really friendly bunch.

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