A Pleasant Surprise

The dogs made it clear at 5:00 a.m. that they were ready for a walk and weren’t taking no for an answer. We quietly prowled the park in chill of the pre-dawn gloom and the dogs inspected every shrub. I went back to bed and slept late. PJ got up and started getting things together for her outing for the day. Her close friend Diana invited her to her granddaughter’s first birthday party. The sun was shining brightly and a beautiful day was unfurling under a cloudless sky.

I met the neighbors next to us and we talked RVs for a while. They are on their first trip out with their new trailer and had some questions on the RVing thing. We sat at their table talking for a while then went over to Wilson to have a look at the solar set up. PJ was ready to go so I helped back the car out and then went for another tour of the grounds with the pups. We strolled around in the campground for a while then exited through the gate and crossed the street to walk along the grassy area in front of the fancy homes fronting the coast highway.

In the mid-afternoon, the waves were still glassy so I suited up and took my fins and kick board out for a little body surfing session. The water was brisk and it was quite an awakening jumping in with my 2 mil springsuit. I got a bunch of fun little waves and lasted a good 45 minutes. The bottom is sand and stayed shallow quite a ways out. I drip dried at our picnic table overlooking the ocean and talked some more with the bros next door.

After changing out of the wet suit, I put on shoes and socks to ride my bike around the campground. I rode down to the north end to watch guys surfing the popular spot that breaks in front of the public parking lot by the north gate. A large crowd was doing its best to outrun the semi-close outs pushing through. I killed fifteen minutes sitting on a bench the pedaled back and took the dogs for another spin.

PJ came home excited about her day and started tidying up the motorhome because her friends were going to stop by to check out our new rig. Diana, her husband David and his brother Robert pulled up just as the sun was setting. We sat out at the picnic table watching the sunset and talking about everything under the sun. Conversation was easy and we enjoyed the time together. Gave them the grand tour and it appeared that Wilson met with their approval. They had a long way to drive so before too long they were wishing us safe travels and then making their way back north. We saw them off then had a bite to eat. PJ did some organizing getting ready for a girl’s gathering tomorrow at Janine’s. I loafed around then played with pictures and wrote a few words.

Great seeing you guys

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