Sliding over a few spots

Today we had to shuffle spots and move down about seven sites to park up in our new camp. Funny, later in the evening I walked past the original campsite and there is no one in it. In fact, the majority of camp sites here at Carlsbad are empty. I think ReserveAmerica really screws things up. We had the same issues at San Elijo, ReserveAmerica calling the campground full and numerous empty spots sitting unused. Don’t really get it.

PJ, phone home

Anyway, I took Wilson over to the dump station and cleaned house topping up the fresh water tank. Without conserving, we can go 4 days between dumping and refilling the fresh water. If we are out in the wild, we could easily take more care and stretch that by a day or three. While I was dumping, PJ carried the mats and chairs and set them up at our new digs. Even better view of the surf from this site.

PJ is heading to a women’s get together over at Janine’s. They are making ‘vision boards’ and having a gift exchange. PJ wrapped up a giant gift and loaded it into the car and took off at around 3:30. I’m fighting a sore throat so I spent most of the day tucked inside keeping warm and watching a little football.

I’d emerge every so often to explore around the campground with the girls. There was a mass exodus for the end of the weekend. The raging partiers up by the bathrooms and the group with at least a dozen rambunctious kids on bikes, scooters and skateboards all packed it in and the energy has definitely transformed. I can’t believe the number of generators that are in use here, rattling on all day and into the night. It was a mellow, self care day.

Ahhh, so sad to see you go!

PJ got home close to 10:00 and the dogs went out for a final circuit. We recounted our days and got some needed rest.

PJ’s vision board

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