The Mundane

Monday was a domestic day, taking care of chores and doing errands. We went to San Marcos to visit with Dad and Sandy and to commandeer their washing machine. They were gracious enough to allow us to spend the day doing about 7 loads of collected laundry. We visited for a while then Sandy went to take Dawn for a Dr’s appointment and I took off to do a few needed errands.

Pop, stationed at the computer

First I went to MiraCosta to pay up a supplemental AFLAC insurance policy on file with them. Everyone in HR was attending a training seminar so errand #1 was a fail. My second stop was at the AAA office just down the hill from the college. I had received a notice saying that the registration on the old RV was being suspended. I needed to make sure that the DMV had it designated as no longer in my name. We had transferred the specialty license plates, so my worry was that they would erroneously suspend the new RV. The gal at triple A was helpful and attentive, filling out a second form releasing me from the old vehicle and confirming that the license plate was transferred cleanly to the new RV. Small effort for the peace of mind.

No more tree!

From there I drove a few short blocks to the Home Depot to get some spare RV door keys made up. Just like at Ace, they didn’t have the unusual blanks necessary for the motorhome locks. The HD salesman simply pointed me two doors down to the Keyman Locksmith in the strip mall next door. The cheerful kid there happily ground me a few new keys and sent me quickly on my way. A little more pricey than the usual spare key, but I was happy to finally have a set to hide in case I end up locking myself out of the RV.

Back at Dad’s, we inspected his newly cleared patio area where he had the large ficus tree removed. Everything looks wide open. Now he has to do a redesign on the landscaping. PJ and I went for a sunset stroll on the walking path out back, having a look at the neighborhood Christmas decorations.

Relaxing evening with Dad and Sandy. Monday night football was on as PJ tended to the laundry with some occasional help from me. Sandy baked up a pan of lasagna and we ate that with salad while watching the game. It was close to ten when we loaded up the pups and the clean clothes to return to the RV. Things were quiet at the camp and we quickly got unloaded and into bed.

Thanks for the hospitality!

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