Sorting through the Boxes

The day started off chilly. As has been the custom lately, Cali had us up early walking her around. A royal pain in the ass. Today marked three years of wedded bliss for the two of us. We exchanged cards and some small gifts over morning coffee. We ate a light breakfast then took off for San Marcos to borrow my Dad’s old beater pick up to head over to storage and sort through the unit and separate things to sell or donate. Our nephew Nick met us at the storage center and he and I spent the day driving loads of boxes that PJ designated for removal over to my Dad’s to stage them for the upcoming garage sale.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful partner ❤️ ❤️

Man this was too much like work! Our only break was a late lunch that we picked up at Rubios after the second run. It was dark when we finished dropping off the last load. We spent some time relaxing and enjoying a cup of hot cider with Dad and Sandy before finishing up a load of laundry and braving the traffic back to the coast where we kicked it in the camper celebrating our anniversary with some strawberry shortcake while watching the season finale of Survivor.

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