Congratulations, Dave and Michele

On the move today. We started early, loading up our luggage and saying farewell to our hideaway for the week. Traffic was easy going down to the airport after working our way through a brief slow up where they had eliminated a lane of traffic through Carlsbad. I dropped PJ at the terminal for her long day of travel and we said our farewells.

Early Saturday traffic was light for the drive back north and I was quickly at the Manchester exit in Cardiff where I hopped off to stop by Danny’s place and see how life has been treating him. As always, he’s got a lot going on. We sat out on the deck and talked for a while as the waves rolled in down at Cardiff Reef. The house is looking good. Danny’s done a number of home improvement projects to make the place look that much better. I didn’t tarry too long and from there I made my way over to the bike shop.

El Camino Bike Shop was my Saturday side job for a few years when I was living in Cardiff. They were just getting set up for the day when I slid in the door. The owner, Will, was off supporting a local cycling event this morning but Dave was there demoing some electric bikes with a couple of customers out back. Ernie was manning the register and we had a good conversation between him helping customers and assessing a few small repairs. Will has done a total remodel and the place is looking awesome, more appealing now to the hipster crowd as well as the family feel that they have always represented. It was cool catching up but the crew had work to do so I walked down a few shops and ate a donor for brunch at the kebab shop before heading out to my Dad’s in San Marcos.

I tossed my bag in the spare room then lounged around watching football until it was time to throw on a collared shirt and head to the coast for my good friend Dave’s impending nuptials. I arrived just in time for the ceremony to start. Friends and family were gathered at the J street viewpoint overlooking the surf at Swami’s. About 60 or 70 of us were lining the bluff to witness the exchanging of vows. The bride was beautiful and the groom looked dashing standing with the sun behind them and the waves crashing below.

After the knot was officially tied, the guests headed over to the community center for a luau celebration complete with Kailua pig and hula dancers. There were tons of people I hadn’t seen in a long time so I had a good time catching up and enjoying the evening with close friends. I dined at the table with Shannon and Linda, who visited me in Lo de Marcos and Joe and Lisa, who hosted me in Kentucky as I passed through the bluegrass state back in April. The reception was awesome and everything was well done.

Dave was beaming and clearly ready to write this next chapter in the story of a life well lived. Seated with his beautiful bride and surrounded by loving family and friends, he presented an example of what living with integrity looks like. Wishing you and Michele nothing but the best and sunniest days ahead.

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