Out the Door

We packed the last few items in the RV, loaded up the bikes then said our goodbyes to Carole. Her caregiver, Lesly, had just shown up so she was temporarily distracted or maybe she wasn’t as sad to see us go as I’d anticipated 🤨. I drove down to the u-haul outfit to fill the propane tank while PJ took the car and went over to Stop n’ Shop to stock the larder with provisions. We met up over at the parking lot by Pilgrim Church and put away the groceries before going in for the morning meeting. The weather was rainy and damp and it seemed a lot of the regulars had taken the day to stay dry.

After the meeting, I took Cali in the RV and we headed down to Galilee to set up camp under gray, cloudy skies while PJ took off to do some errands. The giant wind generator was humming in the background as we backed into our space. Cali and I got set up in spot #177, leveled up then went for a hike around the place to see what we could see. It started sprinkling again, so we went back inside and goofed around until PJ showed up and we all took major naps. Nice to step away from things and take a deep breath.

We went out for an evening exploration, hiking through the full hook up sites, climbing the observation tower then strolling down by the estuary. Cali was enjoying the wind in her ears and it was good to stretch the legs. The campground is about half full, pretty good for as crappy as the weather is. There are a lot more people hanging down in the full hook up zone where things a little more manicured but the sites are a bit more cramped. We’re pretty happy with where we’re at.

We made a couple of burritos and decided to put the new blue ray I had installed over the TV to the test. We lounged in our warm interior watching Spotlight while sipping a hot cup of sleepytime tea. Easy evening then a quick walk in the dark with Cali before bed. We spotted several deer up close. My bright flashlight froze them in their tracks and Cali got pretty excited when she realized what she was looking at. We got back to the RV in the nick of time as the rain started coming down again. Tomorrow’s supposed to be a sunny day. We’ll see what the new day brings.