Butler Beach

Another foggy morning, but it quickly burned off and it turned into another decent day reaching 80 degrees by the early afternoon. We took a final hike around Hanna Park to start the day before packing everything away and rolling down the highway at our noon checkout time.

Goodbye, Hanna Park!

We took the longer coastal highway to avoid getting on the freeway. It took a bit longer but once we cleared Jax Beach, it is a pretty drive that hugs the coastline giving us ample views of the ocean and bays as we cross the bridge into St. Augustine. The historic downtown area had a bit of traffic to navigate but soon we were pulling into Bryn Mawr campground right on the ocean in Butler Beach.

We parked the rig in our spot but didn’t even bother hooking anything up. We grabbed the SUP and headed to the beach. St. Augustine has a fantastic beach. It is broad and flat with a portion near the top where cars are allowed to drive, so keep an eye out. There were some gentle little waves and one other guy out practicing his stand up skills. He left before we got out and PJ and I did our usual taking turns working on improving our paddling. It was fun and lots of good exercise. The water has warmed up a bit and we were fairly comfortable using our smaller wetsuits. An afternoon thunderstorm swept in and sent us all back to our campsites. We hooked things up in the rain and got the inside organized while lightening flashed and thunder boomed. It didn’t last too long and things dried out quickly. After dinner, we drove over to the Winn Dixie and grabbed a few things for the morning.

5 thoughts on “Butler Beach

  1. Glad you arrived safely with beautiful sunny weather (except for the storm). It’s snowing heavily here with much more to come today. Thank God for my neighbors and their snow blowers that take care of me. Today’s a good day to read my Big Book and literature. The snow makes everything so quiet that it’s a peaceful meditation time too. Stay well. Love, Meema


  2. We can hardly wait for 70-80 degree weather!!! Hope it gets here soon. We’re rainy and 59-60 today. Nothing like Meema’s snow….our warm thoughts for her!


  3. beautiful pix and education thanx Teach keep on keeping on love love love you hmn Mikey birthday looming


  4. Hi, you three. Is every thing OK down there? Haven’t seen a post in nearly a week. Is PJ headed for RI soon? We’ve had freezing weather here plus the 12 inches of snow Sun. -Mon. so we’re looking forward to Spring. Be safe and well. Love, Meema


  5. Hi, Mike—-my bad. PJ came to our meeting today and it was a real love fest especially with us “girls”. We all have a lot of catching up to do which we’ll do at lunch next week. Enjoy your time with Cali. Love, Meema


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