The Week that Was

Been a mellow week here in St. Augustine. PJ made her way back from Rhode Island last Saturday and brought the cold weather along with her. We’ve been sitting through a nor’easter most of the week with chilly temperatures and howling winds. The super moon added to the mix bringing ultra high tides that came all of the way up to the boardwalk taking out the road signs for the drivers on the beach.

Our beach hibiscus bloomed it’s first flower the other day. They bloom yellow in the morning then gradually turn orange throughout the day falling off that evening. One day flowers so enjoy them in the moment while they are passing through.

We celebrated my birthday with a plate of steamed vegetables and a long walk on the windswept beach. I’m still up with the sun most mornings, but many of the sunrises have been hidden in the overcast. Did catch a few interesting colors and compositions though. Cali has been on her game seemingly extra content having PJ home. We went shopping yesterday for a birthday wetsuit, not to be confused with a plain birthday suit. I picked up a spring suit and a long sleeved wetsuit shirt at the Surf Station in St. Augustine Beach. Stoked and ready for any water conditions and temperatures. We grabbed a cart full of groceries on the way home and I made a savory shrimp stir fry for dinner.

Lovey Dovey

Today the cold snap is over. The nor’easter is on its way up to New England and sunny skies have returned to St. Augustine. I was out for the sunrise and so was a surprising number of other intrepid early birds. It was a beauty. The sun was slowing rising over the sea while the last super moon of the year was setting in the western sky. The extreme high tide was still present forcing beach walkers to hug the dunes and walk in the area normally reserved for motor vehicles. PJ headed for a session at Planet Fitness while I got in some practice learning guitar.

For most of the day we alternated between hanging out on the patio, walking Cali out onto the beach and watching a mindfulness series on PJ’s computer. In the late afternoon the tide had dropped and the strong winds had turned offshore grooming the waves that had built up during the stormy weather. Seemed like a good opportunity to try out the new wetsuit, so we grabbed boogie boards and paddled out into the swirling maelstrom to kick into a few dredging shallow water zippers. Lots of fun and good to immerse ourselves in the frothy sea. We followed that up with an easy night reading and relaxing.

PJ’s Art Project

6 thoughts on “The Week that Was

  1. So good to hear from you! Happy birthday, Mike. I like your new spring wetsuit. Didn’t know wetsuits were for different seasons. You did have some nasty weather and the pics showed that. Wasn’t the full moon beautiful? I really enjoyed looking at it here. PJ, your art work is so thought provoking. You are really talented, girlfriend! Miss you and love you all. Meema


  2. Glad ur back Dharma loved yr artwork and hope u received my B D Card Mikey love love love you three so fun to follow ur dream


  3. Good to hear from you Mike. Happy Birthday 🎈🎊. You know how to celebrate. I’m in to March Madness & taking grand kids to a matinee today.
    Enjoy your adventures.


    1. Thanks Dave. March madness is big down here. They had a number of games played in Jacksonville over the past weekend. Take care


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