Road Day

Mainly a travel day today. We had every intention of getting on the road early, but we always seem to take longer than we think. We popped into the museum up the hill where they think Andrew Jackson’s family may have settled. Lots of good history, interesting artifacts and of course, a tricorn hat.

We beat feet and just tooled along windy country roads. A couple of unremarkable pit stops and four hours later we arrived bleary eyed at the Rocky Mount KOA, a nondescript, overpriced , stuff ‘em in like sardines overnight stop along the highway. Four hours is about our limit so this will do for a quick rest before moving on to the state park in Virginia tomorrow.

We walked Cali around the grounds. They have a decent little yard where dogs can run off leash but Cali wasn’t all that impressed. The sun set behind some trees and we pulled an old DVD out of the box and watched a movie before calling it a night.

One thought on “Road Day

  1. I’m impressed. You’re really truckin’ on Memorial Day weekend! I know what you mean about the KOA campground. We had to stay at a few and we weren’t thrilled with them either. Drive safely. Love, Meema


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