Cape May

Off to New Jersey today. We started off the day with a long walk along the Indian River to see if the fishermen were having any luck. A beautiful sunny morning with a light breeze had everyone in a upbeat mood. Had a long talk with one of the camp hosts. The map on the side of the RV with all the states marked off that we have visited has been garnering a lot of attention lately. Even had a family hauling a trailer full of camping gear from Alabama ask me where to get one while waiting for the light to change.

The ferry in Lewes wasn’t far away and we found ourselves waiting in a long queue of vehicles for about a half an hour until it was time to disembark. We walked Cali and sat on a bench in the shade until the voice on the loud speaker ordered everyone back to their cars. We got our tickets scanned as other security guys sniffed us out with their dogs and looked underneath the RV with a mirror on wheels. Not long after we were loaded on and parked below then walked up on deck for the hour and twenty minute transit to Cape May.

The weather topside was perfect. Sunny and breezy, just cool enough to be comfortable but you had to hang onto your hat with the wind. We relaxed in deck chairs watching the gulls and pigeons following along, going down every so often to check on Cali. This is the way to travel. Wish we could figure out a way to load Wilson onto a boat and lounge on the poop deck for every stage of our journey.

The Depot Travel Park had a sweet little spot set aside for us and we hooked up and met the neighbor on the far side. We rested up after the day’s activity then got excited to go down to the beach and have a walk around. We parked along the boardwalk and moseyed along the sand to the little breakwater where we saw a group of surfers on our last visit. No waves today but lots of people out enjoying the evening.

We tossed a couple more quarters into the meter then walked down to the point near the lighthouse to join the crowd of locals that had gathered to watch the sunset. A large pod of dolphins was frolicking in the ocean just yards off of the shore. We forgot the camera but made do with our iPhones to try to get some pictures. A holiday vibe was in the air on a gorgeous spring Friday night. Someone had set up a speaker in the pavilion playing classical music and a few guys were hustling for donations. We stayed until our parking ran out than raced back to the car and headed back to show Cali some love.