Most of the day we spent taking it easy around camp. It was a warm spring morning and PJ did her yoga while I slept in. We did a walk through the campground having a look at the spots in the back. The sites in the middle where we stayed last visit had a lot of standing water puddled up beneath the trees.

In the afternoon we took a drive down to Wildwood to see what it was it like. It was Cape May’s poorer little brother with a bit of a rawer vibe. It had the carnival rides by the boardwalk and rows of older motels that had obviously seen better days. Nice beaches but like most other places in New Jersey they were lined with parking meters at 10 minutes per quarter and to walk on the sand itself required the purchase of a beach “permit”.

We grabbed a sandwich at a local sub shop then fed a few quarters into the local economy sitting at a bench overlooking the beach. It’s early in the season so not a lot of tourists but a few people strolled by the boardwalk enjoying the breezy evening. After dinner we drove a few blocks over to the Wildwood AA club house and joined the crew for a Living Sober meeting. A different style than we’re used to but good to be among friends.