Cavendish Beach

After Cali’s morning exploration, I sat quietly at the table and got in a meditation to start the day. We made coffee and sat outside eating breakfast then PJ got us fired up to do some exercise on our yoga mats. It was a great start to our day as we waited for 11:00 o’clock to move over to our new site. We had arranged a swap with the young ladies in the office to a nicer spot without the large stand of poison ivy featured at the first camp. The people pulled out and we moved on over. We’re stoked.

Herbe a la puce

I got the bikes off and rode down to the beach and saw some fun looking little waves. A bit blown out but a kid on a longboard was trying hard to catch a wave. It looked good for some boogie boarding, a little too rough for the SUP. I raced back, convinced PJ it was a good idea and we rode our bikes over and caught some fun mush balls on the shallow sand bar. The water was mid sixties and a few other brave souls came out to splash around. We walked around the shore after then pedaled home and took a mega nap.

Prince Edward Island has tons of biking trails so we rallied in the afternoon and took the bikes for a hard ride down along the bluffs lining the Gulf. We were jamming into the wind all the way out to Cavendish Rustico. The path followed the water and the views were fantastic. This part of the world has some amazing scenery. Red cliffs down to the sea surrounded by fir trees and green fields. We crossed one pond on a floating bridge and skirted another on the way out of camp. Racing for home with wind at our backs had us flying down some fun hills and stopping by the popular beach with the long boardwalk.

Canadian life saving attire 😝

Back at the campground, a guitar player was setting himself up on the stage at the little amphitheater on the bluff. We rode home, packed sandwiches for dinner then pedaled back over and joined the crowd giving him a listen and watching the PEI sunset. An awesome end to a fun filled day.

King of the Road