Kalaloch Beach

PJ was up early driving over to the lodge to have phone connectivity so she could call California and talk with her friends. Cali and I enjoyed the quietness of the foggy morning with most of our neighbors pulling out. When PJ returned, we went for a walk down the beach to the outlet for Kalaloch Creek. We passed the Tree of Life and walked underneath to see the root structure from below. There were very few people out today making for a peaceful stroll around the beach.

Roots from Underneath

Kalaloch Creek is where all of the big trees are piled up making quite the driftwood collection at the delta. I climbed around on the logs while PJ hunted the shoreline for sand dollars. There were piles of wood where artistic types had created little huts and driftwood art projects. The day had started out gray but by the time we turned to head home, the sun began to peek out little by little.

Hundreds of ducks were bobbing around in the breakers. Not sure what their feeding on but they tend to get worked by the sets since they dive under the waves instead of taking flight. A few unlucky birds had drowned making a meal for the crows and seagulls that clean up along the beach.

I got the notion to surfing, so I squeezed into my still damp and cold wetsuit and paddled out for a short session. Didn’t catch any memorable waves but at least I’m getting in some practice and exercise. Cali enjoyed her beach time more than I did, tearing up and down the beach. The sun made its appearance taking some of the edge off of the cold.

Just me and the ducks

Back at camp, we lit a nice roaring fire and kept it stoked to warm us up through the afternoon and into the evening. The local animals came by to say hello and I got the hankering to burn myself a hot dog or two. A nice way to finish off our stay at Kalaloch. The overcast returned to hide any type of sunset there may have been as we moved indoors and read our books.

One thought on “Kalaloch Beach

  1. A few pics look like the graveyard of the dead driftwood. I admire your tenacity on getting out on your board. PJ looked cozy by the fire and I’m really loving the shots of Cali having a good old puppy time. Love, Meema


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