Rolling Down Highway 101

This morning, we spent some time wandering around our own neighborhood. The campground itself is a little redwood paradise all it’s own. We have three trees in our site that are at least five feet in diameter and we only had to walk a few yards towards the bath house to be in the midst of some true giants. Jedediah Smith didn’t disappoint. Be sure to get one of the river front spots with the little stone walls.

Today we hit the long and winding road to see another stand of redwoods down at the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park a few hours to the south. We followed old highway 101 through Crescent City and down the coast through Eureka and Klamath. I’d say it was a beautiful drive if I could have seen it through the thick fog.

Logging trucks, fisheries and old logging towns dotted the landscape. There are areas where elk are prevalent and we happened to catch a few bucks grazing in an empty field. We parked for a while in front of the Pet Smart in Eureka catching up on some online business and picking up some bitter apple to spray on Cali’s little leg wound. She can’t stop licking it and it keeps getting bigger.

Once again, it was getting dark as we finally found our campground. The first two we tried were closed for the season. The Avenue of the Giants is amazing. A skinny little road curving between rows of massive redwoods. PJ developed a migraine right as we arrived at Burlington State Campground. We picked an open spot in the darkness and she laid down while I set up and walked the pooch.

4 thoughts on “Rolling Down Highway 101

  1. I so enjoy your travel reports!. Sorry about migraine, PJ. What a drag. Thank goodness I have never had to deal with them. Take care you two gadabouts.


  2. Didn’t realize you were in California already. I had to go to the atlas for the city names and saw that you had already crossed to your “home state.” You must be excited to be getting close to family for Thanksgiving. Sorry about PJ’s migraine. I’ve been home with a bad vertigo episode. My son even slept over last night so Meema wouldn’t walk into walls or tip over. My meds for vertigo do help. It’ll take a day or so. Enjoy your trip as you travel further south. Love to all, Mema


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