Idling in Playa Azul

I left Ticla mid morning and figured it would be an easy drive down to Muruata. When I arrived at Muruata, it was pretty much a tent city with lots of activity. Banda music was playing loud and sprightly through the palms. I hung around for a while then drove a little further down the beach by the Navy base. I decided I would just move along a little further and get a few miles behind me.

The road would through jungle hugging the coast with bright new blue signs declaring the Costa Michoacana open for tourist business. This used to be the stretch of road that bandits favored most. There are a lot more little villages in between major stops but it’s still pretty wild, wild west out here. I counted six burned vehicles sitting on the shoulder as I passed through on the way to Nexpa..

Papaya Country

I stopped at Nexpa and was taken aback by the size of it now. Lots of cabinas, hotels, restaurants and camping. Three youths in their twenties stopped me driving in and demanded to know how much my RV was worth. They asked for some dope then I slid past and drove down to Chicho’s. The campground was packed and I wasn’t digging the vibe, so I decided to get closer to my destination and drove on to Playa Azul. I ended up camping next to a hotel on the beach.

I’ve been trying to get my insurance sorted out before crossing the Guerrero border which is just a few miles down the road. I opted for a cheaper policy that covered northern Mexico but not the rest. I’ve been trying to contact the agent and get it extended for all of Mexico and increase the length of time. He said he’d get it done but I haven’t heard back. Not sure if the long weekend is holding things up. I moved over to a nice open spot behind the Hotel Playa Azul that has a place to empty the tanks and plug in to keep Cali cool. The other thing the long weekend was holding up was the lone ATM in town that had run out of pesos day’s ago.

I caught a cab into Lazaro Cardenas and hit a bank there stocking up on colorful bills to fill my wallet. Marco was my cabbie and we had a good ride. He stopped at the bridge where the crocodiles hang out and we got a glimpse of them in the distance. Lazaro is a tough port town with lots of industrial manufacturing. We hit the bank, grabbed the cash and headed back home with a quick stop at the Oxxo for a couple of items. When he dropped me off, I left my camera on the floorboard of his taxi. I realized as soon as I set my groceries down in the RV. I ran to the front desk and they called dispatch and a few minutes later, Marco came rolling back up to deliver the camera. I gave him my thanks and an extra 50 pesos.


Marco, el taxista de Lazaro

Mexican Roof Dogs

Hanging in Playa Azul. Hopefully get this insurance stuff straight in the morning. When I was walking out to get dinner, I realized that I am the only gringo in the entire city of Playa Azul. I kind of felt something was different yesterday but just figured it out while walking the beach at sunset looking for an enramada to eat some shrimp at. Quiet night at the campsite.