The Blue Grass State

From Nashville, the drive to Lexington was only a little over three and a half hours. We did our drive through downtown Nashville then made our way to pay a visit to my long time friend and cohort Joe and his gal, Lisa in Lexington, Kentucky. When I rolled in that afternoon, he already had the 30 amp service set up on the back lawn. Having electrician friends has its benefits. The barbecue briquettes were glowing as he added some hickory chips to lend the chicken a nice smoky flavor. Lisa, Joe and I sat out on the back porch chatting away until dinner was ready.

Tasty indeed. We had chicken with carrots and potatoes as we filled in the blanks on what we’ve been doing since the last time we saw one another. Great to spend time with them and feel the comfort of their hospitality during these uncertain times. Joe took me for a grocery run then I got in a quick shower before hitting the RV for the night.

Shopping at Kroger

3 thoughts on “The Blue Grass State

  1. I’m glad you got to visit with your friends BUT I’m thrilled that you and Cali are safe and sound here with PJ. Kisses to all. Meema


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