Celebrating Aunt Norma in New Hampshire

This weekend we decided that an escape from Warwick would definitely rejuvenate the mind and soul. We loaded up the Minnie Winnie and accelerated out of Rhode Island in the mid afternoon. We had been communicating with PJ’s family and had been wanting to make a sojourn to New Hampshire to spend time with family before winter arrives in the north. PJ’s Aunt Norma was celebrating the passing of another calendar date marking yet one more year on the face of the globe. As fate would have it, Beth, Holly and Chris were able to visit as well and Laura just happened to be migrating south from Maine at the time so it timed out perfectly. We arrived in the evening and sat around with Clayton and Norma catching up and enjoying a lasagna dinner before settling into the RV out in the driveway.

Saturday saw the arrival of the cousins and the soirée was in full swing. Lots of chatting and reminiscing as multiple conversations competed for the stray listeners’ attention. A full delicatessen was spread out on the counter and we all made custom sandwiches and filled up on scrumptious fixins. The ladies and I piled into two cars and we went for an afternoon leaf peeping session down at White Lake.

We sat on the sandy shore and admired the view while the stories of past adventures were shared around the picnic bench. Some brave kids took a dip in the lake as we posed for pictures on the shore.

From there, we drove around pausing at another lake to enjoy the warm afternoon sun and take in the scenery. Lots of other tourists were up for the extended Columbus Day weekend lazily milling about snapping pictures of the colorful trees.

Back at the house we relaxed and continued with nonstop story telling and laughter. Clayton and I went outside and barbecued up some salmon fillets and everyone gathered for a tasty meal around the dining room table. As the night grew late, we pardoned ourselves and slid into the comfort of the RV for a quiet night’s sleep.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Aunt Norma in New Hampshire

  1. Enjoyed the news! Fall color is reminding me of the crisp air and I think, the most enjoyable time of year!

    Hot, dry weather arriving here, Tues – Fri.

    We love you!
    R and S


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