Catch and Release

Today, we got off to an early start with a long walk down the coast to Junquillal. We took the little side trail again that passes through to Las Ventanas. Every step along the way provided us with something new and amazing to see. In the trees across from Ventanas, a large troop of howlers were hanging in the canopy. Lots of babies jumping from tree to tree. A large green iguana kept a watchful eye on the little ones, ready to make a quick exit if the curious primates came too close. Seeing monkeys never gets old.

Flying monkeys aren’t just in Oz

It pays to walk slow and take an occasional glance overhead. We spotted a few birds that we hadn’t seen before. A short tailed hawk and a colorful turquoise browed mot mot. Many of the locals were just starting their day and we greeted each as we walked past. The temperature was just right and it was an inviting morning for a two hour stroll.

We reached the dark sand beach down at the turtle rescue and stopped to talk to the volunteers there. They were French and helping with the collection and incubation of turtle egg clutches. Each netted round cage represents a separate nest. Although illegal, many locals will still gather the eggs and cook them up if left where they’re laid. A few of the pens had masses of squirming hatchlings ready to be released.

At the point at the end of the beach, there is a rock that must have the best fishing in town. The locals all crowded together shoulder to shoulder throwing their hand lines into the water. I’m not sure if they were catching anything, but they were an animated group and seemed to be enjoying the camaraderie.

PJ took a quick dip in the sea to cool off then noticed some odd tracks in the sand and discovered that they were markings made by sand dollars. She dug one up to check them out then set it back in the sand where it quickly wiggled it’s way back underneath the wet sand. “Catch and release”.

We walked on the beach for the return trip. It was a super low tide and easy going with only a few stretches of rocky zones to navigate. We reached the casa and walked up the side road by Chuck’s to get back to the house. It was nice to get in the pool and cool ourselves off after a morning of exploration.