From Sunrise to Sunset

Not sure what it is, but I just can’t sleep in anymore. I was awake at 4:30 and decided to get up and stir a little after five. After a hot mug of tea, I walked the block or two to the view point and watched the sun rise over the misty mountains separating us from the Caribbean coast. It was a quiet and still morning and I had time to reflect on my surroundings as I waited for the day to officially begin.

We had massages scheduled for this morning up the coast in Junquillal. PJ got on the table while I went out to body surf some rockin’ shore break out front. I took my beating on the black sand bottom a few times then did the hot foot over the baking beach to get back under the shady lanai at Catherine’s. PJ came out all starry eyed and floated into a chair then it was my turn to get some healing bodywork. It has been a long, long time since we’ve had massages. Way overdue.

On the drive home, we stopped in at a local soda and ordered up a couple of casados, Costa Rican typical plates with fish, rice beans, salad and a fried plantain. When Jordy wasn’t chasing his daughter around the restaurant he was busy serving up food to hungry customers. Mom’s a great cook and lunch put us in definite need of some down time.

For future menu items

The pool was calling so we alternated between swimming and keeping the hammocks swinging rhythmically in the afternoon breeze. Another relaxing, calm day watching the birds dip into the pool and hearing their array of calls from the surrounding jungle. My work for the day was shooing off the wasps that were attempting to set up shop under the rafters on the patio.

We could hear smatterings of joyful noise coming up from the beach below as the Saturday crowds were set up under tarps or in the shade of trees taking full advantage of the sunny afternoon. We walked down our hidden path and joined the locals for the sunset over the Pacific. Another beauty. We tarried a while until darkness set in fully, then hiked back up for dinner and to connect on Zoom with our crew back in Rhode Island. We were in bed pretty early after the day’s activities.

Watching the Sunset