The days flow slowly by bringing something new with each sunrise. We split our time roaming around the neighborhood and hanging out at Playa Blanca playing in the pool and playing with LBD (little black dog) when he occasionally stops by for a free meal. The weather is amazingly consistent, highs of 90 and lows of 70 with the ever present Papagayo winds.

This is where the day starts, sipping tea and watching the amazing array of birds getting their day underway

The other day we drove down to the beach by the turtle park for a body board session and to catch the sunset. When we got there a small crowd was gathered near the turtle sanctuary getting ready to release a batch of new hatchlings. We kept an eye on the activity while we were playing in the waves and when it came time to free the wriggling little reptiles we joined the group and watched the turtles racing to the sea. Awesome stuff.

8 thoughts on “Tortugas

  1. Good morning Mike and PJ 🌞 I believe GOD gave you what you both needed, “peace and each other” 🙏. Miss you guy’s!! Be healthy and safe. Xoxox


  2. Hooray for baby turtles. Exciting! Hope your B Day was a happy one. You both look amazingly relaxed, beautiful and healthy. Stay well. Love, Meema


  3. Ahhhh!!! I love the baby turtles, was that your BDay present Mike??!! Whose turtle won? First one in the water!! Whopee!! Love you guys! Tutu


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