Monkey Days of Summer

We went for an early morning walk the other day and as we were admiring the view from the lookout, the strong offshore winds blew my hat off of my head and it flew down onto the exposed rock reef below. Luckily, it was low tide or it would have been washed out to sea. We hiked until we found a spot with a trail down to the beach below and worked our way down the cliff face to explore the tide pools and retrieve the escaped cap. We got in a decent hike and found another trail to take us back up.

Watch out for that wind!

There it is!

We’ve also been enjoying putting in some time surfing and hanging out at the beach down at Avellanas. The waves have been small but it’s still a lot of fun. There’s always something to see: locals fishermen, tourists taking surf lessons and a wide assortment of surfer types. Everything from young hipsters, seemingly hardcore rippers, tons of old guys, hip chicks and every age and body type there is.

During the heat of the afternoon, even the monocongos go limp and have to dangle from branches in their trees to nap away the day. Sometimes I look to them for inspiration and head home to get in a nap of my own only to get reenergized and head down to beach for some paddle boarding or body surfing.

Playa Blanca is always good for a colorful sunset. Some days we exit the gate and walk down to the sand, other days we just admire it through the branches of the trees that fill the 50 meter no build zone. Lots of playing in the pool to keep cool, which is also a prime sunset watching point.

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