Will You Still Need Me……….

And as it always goes, the Ides of March call for a celebration of my day of birth. An ominous date I might otherwise choose to ignore. The day was lazy and relaxed, idling about the house waiting for the masseuse to show up (will you still knead me?). After being pampered, I was forced to open a massive pile of gifts that had appeared out of nowhere as I was getting my treatment

As we often do, we drove down to junqs (hoonks) for a body slammin’ sunset. The waves were extra pounding today with a strong current running south to north. It was fun getting washed all over the place catching some fast rides to the beach. Another sweet sunset with the crew in the parking lot, a mix of locals and expats that we see regularly.

The Guacamaya Lodge has one of the best restaurants in the region and it was on the way home, so we stopped in and paid a visit for the big birthday meal. The terrace was quiet although there were a few patrons having their evening libations at the bar. Michael served us up an amazingly tasty meal and we enjoyed the view as the remainder of the sun’s afterglow faded away.

Home for cake and to unwind from such an arduous demanding day. Thanks everyone for the joyful wishes and greetings. Much love 💕

6 thoughts on “Will You Still Need Me……….

  1. Hi beautiful souls greeting from my corner of the sky Happy belated Birthday Mike Good to see you got spoiled by your loved ones love and light from Copenhagen ❤️


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